PUNISHMENT ECONOMY 800 600 #SchoolsNotPrisons

#SchoolsNotPrisons partners are calling for investments in real safety: more funding for health, education and youth. Not more punishment. Since 1980, California has built 22 prisons, but just 1 UC Campus. Over the last 3 decades in California, spending on jails and prisons increased 3x faster than spending on k-12 schools. In comparison, the private…

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CHILDREN & FAMILIES 800 600 #SchoolsNotPrisons

Having an incarcerated parent is a form of trauma, and children who have a parent in jail or prison are extremely vulnerable. They are much more likely to have health problems and struggle in school. Family unity and stability are key to a child’s lifelong health and well-being. People who are incarcerated face many barriers…

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YOUTH PRISONS & JAILS 800 600 #SchoolsNotPrisons

Putting youth in jail or prison doesn’t make our communities any safer. In fact, it can cause more trauma and harm to young people and leave them worse off. When youth are incarcerated their education and mental health suffer. Young people need more positive supports. And when they make mistakes, they need to be held…

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IMMIGRANT PRISONS 800 600 #SchoolsNotPrisons

40,000 immigrants and refugees are incarcerated in immigrant prisons across the US, breaking apart families and communities. The majority of immigrants are held in facilities run by private, for-profit prison companies that make millions of dollars a year incarcerating immigrants. Human rights organizations have reported countless abuses at these prisons, including: blocking access to attorneys,…

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SCHOOL PUSHOUT 800 600 #SchoolsNotPrisons

“School pushout” is what happens when certain students are deprived of the education and opportunities that all young people deserve. Many factors contribute to pushing youth out of schools, including the overuse of harsh school discipline like suspensions, inadequate funding for schools in under-served communities, the lack of counselors and health services in schools, and…

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