PUNISHMENT ECONOMY 800 600 #SchoolsNotPrisons

#SchoolsNotPrisons partners are calling for investments in real safety: more funding for health, education and youth. Not more punishment.

Since 1980, California has built 22 prisons, but just 1 UC Campus.

Over the last 3 decades in California, spending on jails and prisons increased 3x faster than spending on k-12 schools.

In comparison, the private prison company GEO is paid $17 million dollars a year to incarcerate around 400 immigrants in Kern County, more money than is spent on parks and recreation for the entire county.

Since 1990, California’s state spending per college student has gone DOWN 23%, and state spending per resident on jails and prisons UP 46%.

For the amount of money Sacramento County spends a year on youth prisons, it could pay tuition for every single student at Sacramento City College.

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